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Increase Space Without Increasing Square footage-Nuenza
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There are many times in your life when you take a look at your house and wonder how everything can all fit under that one roof. You’re expecting a new baby, your kids won’t stop growing, and your mother-in-law has decided to move in with you. Whatever the reason, you need more space! If you’re unable to build outward or upward, here are some ways you can increase your space without increasing square footage:

#1: Turn a Closet Into a Bathroom

Ideally, you could add a bathroom without the expense of some much-needed closet space, but sometimes that isn’t always the case. As our kids get older, the basement often turns into their bedroom, which means that adding at least a half-bath becomes necessary. You may not have enough room to give your teen or guest their very own bath or shower, but you may be able to build them a powder room where their closet used to be.

#2: Get Creative With Kitchen Space

Renovating a kitchen is a big job. Depending on your budget, you can completely transform the busiest room in the house to better reflect your taste and needs, or you can simply work on emergency remodels. If your cupboards are really filling up and everyone can’t help but bump into each other, it may be time to consider reconfiguring the layout of your kitchen. A sensible and functional kitchen is more important than a beautiful one. Here are some easy ways to do this:

  • Redesign your countertop layout that improves the “flow” of the kitchen
  • Add more storage space under your kitchen island
  • Have a garage sale and get rid of all that unnecessary clutter

#3: Consider the Lighting

Believe it or not, the light might be playing tricks on you. Bad lighting can make a room seem smaller than it actually is, which influences how you use that space. The more warm and inviting a room is, the more likely you’ll want to get the most out of it. A cold and poorly-lit room won’t be used to its full potential. Get rid of that single desk lamp sitting on the floor in the corner of the room and invest in some high-quality lighting that opens up your space.

#4: Make Use of the Attic

Usually used to house storage items and the occasional ghost, the attic is often an untapped source of space…and we mean a lot of space. Imagine what you could do with all that extra square footage! While you may have to get used to the slanted ceilings, attics can make a perfectly charming bedroom, office, or play area. Just remember that attics aren’t initially built for constant use, so you will have to make some adjustments, such as adding subfloor and wiring for electricity.

#5: Tear Down Walls

Grab a hammer and start tearing down those non-load-bearing walls. It may sound counter-intuitive at first; that is, until you realize that one big open space is a lot bigger than two tiny rooms. You may be losing two enclosed areas, but think of how much more room you have to build a custom wall-unit or closet.

If you want to increase your space but don’t know where or how to start, come and visit our showroom or contact Cuisines Nuenza today for a free consultation and estimate.