If we all had infinite amounts of money to spend on our home renovations, every room in the house would probably look like a magazine cut out. Unfortunately, that’s usually not the case. We’re here today to talk about the B word: budget. If you’re planning on renovating or remodelling your kitchen or bathroom and your budget doesn’t give you a lot of wiggle room to fully realize your dream, here are some tips for stretching out that budget to make it look like a million-dollar reno.

#1: Recycle & Reuse Materials

Buried under those outdated colours and finishes will likely be a perfectly good piece of furniture, fixture, or furnishing. So many people toss out structurally sound materials that only need cheap and totally doable aesthetic updates because they want something that looks brand new. The bulk of your savings will come from salvaging old materials and breathing life back into them.

#2: Go Thrifting for Antique Finds

Remodelling your home isn’t only about the cabinets and floors. How your kitchen or bathroom looks is also crucial. Inject a little bit of your personality and taste into your remodelling job by finding one-of-a-kind or antique pieces at thrift stores, which will cost you a fraction of the price.

#3: Do-it-Yourself to Reduce Labour Costs

Taking on some of the renovation job yourself is a real cost-cutter. However, paying a contractor to undo all the mistakes you made is not the goal of DIYing either. Only pick up that hammer and box of nails if you are absolutely confident in your ability to do the job correctly. If you aren’t sure, there are plenty of free online guides available to help you.

#4: A Little Paint Goes a Long Way

If you really want to give your room a whole new look but don’t have a great budget, why not start with a fresh coat of paint. Bright whites or intense colours can make a world of difference and will even change the way your room feels. You may even decide that a new paint job was all your room needed after all.

#5: Change the Light, Change the Atmosphere

Want your tiny budget to go a long way? Try changing out and modernizing your light fixtures. Light has an incredible ability of totally transforming a room. The right light can turn a cold room into an inviting oasis of relaxation. Before you decide to start digging holes into your house to make room for windows, try adding more sensible lighting first.

#6: Communicate Budget with Contractor

If you’re working with a contractor, don’t inflate or low-ball your budget. Let them know exactly what they have to work with because they know more than anybody how to stretch your dollars and get you the best materials for your money.

#7: Don’t Shoot for the High-End

If you have big dreams but little cash, being realistic is pretty important. You can’t make something from nothing, so don’t expect to afford the highest quality furniture, appliances, and fixtures without the money to pay for them. Being realistic about what you can get will save you time and heartache.

#8: Learn to Be Patient

Are you in a rush to renovate your kitchen or bathroom? Then expect the prices to go up. However, if you decide to break up your remodelling into little projects, you may be able to save up enough to get everything you want.

#9: Wallpaper Does the Trick

Wallpaper is kind of like paint only bolder, more colourful, and way more fun! Wallpaper continues to be a trending design element, especially in bathrooms where a little drama goes a long way. Modern-day wallpaper is nothing like the impossible-to-work-with paper of yore, so feel free to experiment and completely change the way your bathroom looks.

#10: Plan Ahead and Scope Out Deals

Just like plane tickets, prices fluctuate throughout the year, so if you can hold off spending money on materials, furniture, or appliances until they go on sale, you’ll be rewarded with major savings on high-ticket items.

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