Does your dream kitchen have a classic bistro or café vibe? No matter how big or small your kitchen is, there are key design elements to include in your kitchen remodel that will instantly give your space the bistro look you’ve always wanted. Here are five designer tips for your new kitchen remodel.

#1: Large Island

A typical bistro kitchen is a busy place with chefs, cooks, and wait staff carefully moving around each other’s workstation. An active kitchen like that needs a big work space. That’s where a large island in the centre of the kitchen comes in really handy. Large islands are the focal point of bistro kitchens. If you have a bigger budget, consider adding a sink, built-in cabinets, or a range.

#2: Mosaic Floor Tiles

Walk into any French bistro and you’ll likely be stepping on beautiful and old-fashioned mosaic floor tiles. The choices are endless, but some classic looks include black and white or terra cotta. Mosaic tiles are kitchen friendly, however, you do have to remember to clean the grout in between the tiles to prevent the build-up of dirt and mold. This is where your creativity can really soar.

#3: Chalkboard Paint

Painting a feature chalkboard on your kitchen wall is a quintessential bistro look that will instantly tie your décor together. Chalk paint is widely available, and you can use the feature wall to draw or write anything you want, like a weekly dinner menu or grocery list. Feel free to pass the chalk to your children who will probably love the chance of getting to draw on the wall.

#4: Open Shelves

In a café or bistro, there’s no rhyme or reason for having cabinet doors. Dishes, pots, and pans are constantly moving in and out of the racks, so having to open the door is just an unnecessary step. If you want the typical bistro look, try exposed cupboards and open shelves that show off your beautiful crockery. This restaurant-style way of displaying your dishes is widely popular amongst several different design styles.

#5: Café-Style Seating

There is no single seating solution that you have to choose. Fortunately, there are plenty of seating styles that fit the bistro look and appeal to different budgets. If you have space for an eat-in table, try a backbench along the wall to give you that true restaurant vibe. For a more classic French bistro look, try woven wicker chairs with that typical French pattern that will instantly turn your kitchen into a Parisian café.

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