Because natural lighting and bright, open windows are such important elements in home design, we tend to forget that artificial lighting is crucial for setting the room’s functionality and ambience. Are you in the middle of designing your new kitchen, bathroom, or unique living space? When choosing your artificial lighting, don’t forget to ask yourself these five important questions:

Is it Functional?

No matter where you are in the house, your lighting has to make sense. Consider the purpose of the space. The kitchen will require ambient, task, and accent lighting, while your hallway may only need ambient lighting. The lighting in your home must help you perform specific tasks in a room. If you constantly find yourself left in the dark while taking a shower, there’s a chance your bathroom’s functionality wasn’t taken into consideration when your lighting was designed.

Is it Suitable?

Consider the size, shape, function, and style of the room. Is your lighting an extension of that or does it look glaringly out of place? Does the brightness (or dimness) put you in a bad mood? Are those wall sconces appropriate for a child’s bedroom? Are those pendent lights too big or too small for your kitchen island? Your cabinets need light to illuminate the counter space below, but plugging in a desk lamp in the corner of the counter isn’t the solution. This is what we mean by suitable.

Is it Sustainable?

Even if you don’t consider yourself an environmentalist, going eco-friendly is financially beneficial and sustainable. LED lighting can last for over 10 years and consumes much less energy than incandescent lighting. But don’t just take light bulbs into account. The more artificial light you need, the more money you’ll spend. That’s why it’s important to ensure that the general lighting in each room is bright enough so that you don’t need to plug in standing lamps in every corner.

Is it Attractive?

You may be overwhelmed with the wealth of style choices that are available. There is no one perfect lighting option or design for your room. It might boil down to personal taste and price. If you’re stuck deciding what lighting to choose, consider how often you are prepared to replace the lighting when it falls out of style. If the answer is not too often, stick with neutral colours and timeless materials. If you’re prepared to switch out those chandeliers every few years, feel free to go as bold as you please. Lighting is an important design element that can really say a lot about your personal style.

Does it Feel Right?

It may sound like a weird question, but what you should remember when deciding the lighting elements of your home is how the light makes you feel. A gloomy, ill-lit room can make you feel sluggish, blue, or annoyed. A brightly lit room with cold lighting can prevent you from getting cozy on the couch. The amount of light that shines on us throughout the day will directly affect how we feel and function. Taking into account the therapeutic benefits of great lighting should be at the top of your list.

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