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5 Must-Have Appliances to Upgrade to a Stylish Kitchen - Nuenza

Whether you’re a professional chef or a passionate weekend baker, you’re probably dreaming of a gourmet kitchen complete with high-end stainless steel appliances, show-worthy cookware, and lots of counter space to develop your culinary creations. If you’re about to undertake a kitchen remodel, here are five must-have appliances and upgrades to build your gourmet kitchen:

#1: Pizza Oven

Sometimes, the old ways are the best ways. The same can be said about wood-burning ovens that make the most delicious and authentic pizzas, homemade breads, and roasting dishes. Pizza ovens can be installed inside your home or in your backyard barbecue area. Modular fire ovens vary in size, so you don’t have to expand your kitchen’s square footage to enjoy the benefits of this traditional cooking method.

#2: Pot Fillers

Nothing says gourmet like modern conveniences that make our cooking experiences just a little bit easier. Installing a pot filler above your range may not seem like such a fancy upgrade, but once you realize just how useful it is, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Pot fillers not only add a touch of class to any kitchen, but they also make for a safer cooking experience.

#3: Warming Drawer

A warming drawer is one of those kitchen upgrades that you’ll use over and over again. Warming drawers aren’t just for keeping your food at a certain temperature without cooking it. Avid bread bakers will discover how delicious, light, and airy their loaves are after proving their dough in this perfect bread environment. You may even be tempted to warm your plates before serving dinner.

#4: Double Ovens

The mark of a gourmet kitchen is the chef’s ability to work on more than one dish at a time. Double ovens are a convenient way to cook food at different temperatures while cutting your cooking time in half. Have dinner and dessert ready at once and enjoy the comfort of eye-level doors. Imagine how much more convenient Thanksgiving dinner will be?

#5: Gas Range

Why do five-star chefs demand gas ranges? Because no other cooktop offers as much control. Gas ranges check off all the boxes. Not only do professional-grade ranges fit your countertops, but they complement your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal with a sleek design. Gas ranges allow you to expand your culinary horizons by giving you the chance to work on more delicate preparations, such as sauces, consommés, and syrups.

Are you looking to upgrade your family kitchen into something a little more reminiscent of a five-star restaurant? These kitchen upgrades will improve your cooking abilities and allow to grow as a chef while enjoying your time preparing meals. Let Cuisines Nuenza help you build the kitchen of your dreams! Visit our showroom or contact us for a free estimate.