When people book a vacation rental, they look for charm, relaxation, and fun. A properly themed kitchen can make the difference between a “meh” stay and an Instagram-worthy photo shoot. If you’re looking for theme ideas to design your vacation rental kitchen, you have come to the right place!

Country Cozy

One kitchen theme sure to win hearts is a cozy country theme. You can use light wooden tones on your cabinetry, open shelving, a farm sink, and charming décor complete with farm animals, wood beams, and rustic patterns. It’s a surefire way to make anyone feel instantly at home.

A Day at the Beach

Even in the middle of a Canadian winter, your beachy Montreal kitchen design can make anyone feel warm and welcome. Grab some palm trees (fake ones will do!), and add a light tan or blue for the walls. You could even give your cabinets a weathered look to really tie the beach theme together.


One way to wow vacationers in your Cuisines Nuenza kitchen is to present an ultra-modern theme. Get the latest stainless steel appliances, minimalist art, and black cabinets with shiny chrome knobs. Your guests will feel as though they have stepped into the future and will never want to leave.


One new trend for kitchen designs is to go with a monochromatic look. Choose a colour, and decorate in varying shades to give a fantastic impression. Certain colours have been known to evoke different moods: blues, grays, and violets tend to be relaxing. Reds, bright yellows, and oranges are more energizing.

Café Bistro

You can give your vacation renters a taste of café comfort with a bistro-themed kitchen. Use dark browns for the cabinets and gentle yellows for the walls to give it a small restaurant feel. Put out a selection of coffee, tea, wine, and pastries to really go the extra mile and give your guests a unique experience.

Indoor Garden

Bring the outdoors in with a garden-themed Montreal kitchen design. Use greens and whites for the cabinets and the walls to remind your renters of a small, home-tended garden. To give your kitchen that extra special something, place in-season, colourful fruits and vegetables around. An inside herb garden will really bring the experience to life.

City at Night

A unique idea for your vacation rental kitchen is to show off city nightlife in a comfortable and relaxing way. Use dark cabinet colours, light blues or yellows for the walls, and a subway tile backsplash. On the walls, showcase cityscapes of Paris, London, and, of course, Montreal. Finish it off with soft, recessed lighting and watch your renters fall in love with the space.

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