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Choosing the Right Type of Wood Flooring for Your Kitchen - Nuenza

When renovating your kitchen, it’s important to consider not only the look but also the functionality and durability of your materials. After all, the kitchen is a magnet for messy spills, grease buildup, thick steam, and broken glass. Your cupboards, counter, and floor all have to be prepared to take a heavy beating without suffering damage. Which is why many people choose a more durable option for their flooring than hardwood. Ceramic, terracotta, and linoleum all seem like far superior and smarter choices for the kitchen. But did you know that installing wood in your kitchen is not only beautiful but safe? Enhance your space with a natural look that flows seamlessly from the rest of the house.

Here are some wood flooring suggestions for your next renovation.


Hardwood is the most popular choice for wood flooring, mainly because it’s durable, reliable, and never goes out of style. Hardwood can be stained any colour and lasts a long time if treated properly. It is resilient to humidity, however, some care is needed to ensure its nice smooth finish lasts.

There are many species of hardwood that are used for flooring. You may find that the more local a wood, the less expensive it will be. Common local hardwoods are oak, cherry, maple, and birch. Exotic woods are unique and beautiful but more expensive. Popular exotic woods are teak, Tigerwood, and Brazilian cherry.

There are two types of hardwood: solid or engineered. Solid hardwood is made from one piece of wood, which exposes the unique grains and knots of the tree. The engineered variety has bonded layers of hardwood that are more durable and can handle higher levels of humidity.

There are some things to keep in mind: As a particularly solid substance, standing for long periods of time might be hard on your bones and joints. We suggest placing a carpet in front of the sink or stove to give you a bit of extra cushioning. Pick up spills right away and keep your pet’s nails short to avoid scratching.


Cork flooring is as sleek as it is comfortable. Made from the bark of a cork oak tree, this naturally soft and spongy wood is as ergonomic as it gets. The wood’s springiness will give your bones a much-needed relief, allowing you to stand and work on your culinary masterpieces for a longer period of time.

Other benefits of cork flooring include:

  • It’s naturally resilient to spills and humidity
  • It’s available in many styles and colours to suit the aesthetic of your home
  • It’s insulating, which keeps your feet toasty warm in the winter
  • There are cork options for every budget: choose the style, thickness, and durability that suits you
  • It absorbs shock and sound
  • It’s resistant to mould and allergens

When you think of wood flooring, cork might not necessarily be the first thing that comes to mind, but thanks to its many benefits, it’s becoming a popular choice for kitchen flooring.


While bamboo is technically a grass, for all intents and purposes, it’s a grass acting like a hardwood. This fast-growing plant is a marvel. It grows to maturity in a significantly shorter amount of time than real hardwood and continues to grow after you cut it, which makes it a great renewable resource. It’s not completely eco-friendly, however, as volatile organic chemicals are still used during the manufacturing process. But, as far as materials go, it is still much more sustainable than hardwood. It’s a water resistant, natural material that is just as gorgeous naked as it is stained. The beautiful blonde finish of unstained bamboo flooring is a popular option for the modern kitchen aesthetic. Like hardwood, it is available as solid or engineered. Unfortunately, it also has similar drawbacks to hardwood.

To ensure the longevity of your bamboo flooring, here are few things to keep in mind:

  • Pick up spills right away.
  • Avoid walking in high heels; cut pet’s’ nails
  • Clean your floors regularly. Mop floors with a damp cloth.

Contact Cuisines Nuenza for a free estimate and find out how wood flooring can add warmth, beauty, and durability to your kitchen.