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How Creating a Mood Board Can Inspire Future Home Design - Nuenza

You know you’re kitchen, bathroom, or living space needs an update, but beyond that fact, you might be stuck deciding the artistic direction you want to take. If you have many tastes or like a wide variety of styles, it can often be quite difficult to decide on a seamless design that flows with the rest of the house and makes artistic sense. That’s why creating mood boards is the ultimate tool to help you visualize your future space without spending any money. Here are some reasons to set up your own mood board.

Seeing is Believing

At Cuisines Nuenza, we will utilize our design experience to help you narrow your focus down to beautiful design options. Talking about patterns, textures, and colours may suffice on a theoretical level, but when it comes to making a decision about your renovation, our customers need to see proof of concept. Creating a mood board is an excellent way to see for yourself what a style will look like. Use a website like Pinterest or buy a cork board and start pinning magazine clippings, paint samples, and tiles together. Check out websites like Houzz for inspired designs at different price points. By visualizing possible design ideas, you will then be able to understand what works and what doesn’t.

See Different Styles All at Once
A part of you wants to design a kitchen with a modern, minimalist aesthetic. That means clean lines, flat cupboards, and empty countertops. Another part of you admires the classic country kitchen feel, with its bright and sunny colours, rustic finishes, and antique details. It’s okay to feel split down the middle. That’s where mood boards shine. Go as crazy as you want in this stage of the design process, because the more you spend time arranging different design scenarios, the more likely you will be able to decide which style works better for you. Plus, they’re a lot more fun and allow you to let loose and experiment with ideas that will be too expensive to test out later on.

Mood boards are free and easy and are a great way to narrow down your choices without worrying about a construction schedule. You might realize at the end of this stage that you don’t like the country kitchen look as much as you thought you did.

Mood Boards Are the Language of Design
There comes a time in the renovation process when designers and customers are bouncing ideas off of each other. This is the stage where designers start to develop a sense of who their customer is, what aesthetic they’ll appreciate, and what their needs are. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to communicate these ideas with words. Mood boards are much more succinct at conveying ideas than words could ever be. You might only know so many words for green but showing the designer the exact shade of green you want for your kitchen cupboards is the easiest way to get exactly what you want.

Mood Boarding at Cuisines Nuenza

When it comes to a seamless kitchen, bathroom, or living space renovation, Cuisines Nuenza wants to encourage customer participation to ensure their total satisfaction. We believe that mood boards are a fun and effective way to build the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams. If you already have a mood board of your favourite styles, request a free consultation. If you need a little more help figuring out what you want for your remodel, contact a design specialist at Cuisines Nuenza today.