Creating Your Luxury Closet—Where to Start - Nuenza

You’ve probably always thought of your closet from a functional perspective. It’s a place to store your clothes and sift through outfits for the day.

Luxury closets take a whole new approach. They aim to create a space where you want to spend time admiring your most unique pieces and selecting the perfect one for that upcoming event. A walk-in closet gives you an escape from the rest of your home and, with no rule-book, endless opportunities to make the design your own. A gorgeous closet will have you feeling like you’re shopping in a chic boutique.

From the designers at Nuenza, here are some tips to get you started:

Donate Clothes You Don’t Wear

You don’t necessarily need an entire room to make the walk-in closet of your dreams a reality; you just need to be smart with the space you have. To avoid too much clutter in your revamped closet, first sort through all of your existing clothing and accessories. As a general rule of thumb, toss items you haven’t worn in the past six months. If it’s tough for you to part with your items, try following an easy trick designed to give you a visual representation of the clothes you wear: Turn the hangers of all of your clothes the opposite direction, only hanging them back in the correct direction once they’ve been worn. By doing this, you’re given a concrete reason to part with the items you’ve only worn once.

Purchase High-Quality Hangers

When you think about it, your favourite clothing stores don’t use multi-coloured plastic hangers, so why should you? Most of our closets are a melting pot of different hanger styles, ranging from disposable hangers that come with clothes to formal hangers used for suits. Getting unified hangers not only makes your closet more visually appealing, but also enhances the way your clothes are stored. With proper hangers, your clothes won’t get stretched or bent, keeping them in brand-new condition. Once all of your old hangers are replaced, colour-coordinate your clothing to create an even more eye-catching look!

Invest in Good Lighting

Although natural lighting is usually best, chances are you don’t have a window in your closet. This is beneficial for your clothes, as now they are exposed to less UV rays that cause colours to fade. By installing high-quality lighting in your closet, you are better able to see all of your clothing options. Many luxury closets include recessed lighting, coupled with fixtures that illuminate individual items. Consider installing adjustable lighting so you can see what your outfit looks like at different times of the day.

Get Inspiration

Your walk-in closet should be an oasis that gives you a sense of style inspiration the moment you walk through the door. To create the space of your dreams, take note of the design elements you love in your favourite stores. Feel free to get creative—this is your chance to express yourself. By gathering you favourite ideas, you will have concrete examples to show your interior designer so they understand your objective for the space.

Get started on your dream closet by contacting the interior design experts at Nuenza. We’re happy to discuss your vision and make it a reality. Learn more about our services by calling 514-400-2579.