Richelieu, one of our suppliers, hand delivered a little red tin box inviting me to their focus group, which took place on December 7th, 2015. During the focus group, which was held at the Centre for Sustainable Development, they presented some very innovative handle designs on 43 different panels. We were asked to rate each handle based on design, finish, price range and where they could be used.

Innovative Design by Richelieu

Richelieu started selling hardware out of a garage and is now an international company. They have won many awards for their innovate design. They work with many different international designers to find influential designs including Jean-Claude Poitras, a prominent Quebec fashion designer. As a multidisciplinary designer, he has designed tableware, kitchen furniture, stained glass, and now a new collection of handles. During a short presentation, Jean-Claude Poitras introduced his line of handles and spoke about his influence for his creations.

Jean-Claude Poitras’ Handle Designs

Jean-Claude Poitras’ designs for Richelieu were unique in style, design and texture. Jean-Claude’s wonderful designs included a wide array of vibrant colours and unique shapes. These exceptional and contemporary designs would be a fun and unique addition to any kitchen or bathroom. It was nice to see creativity in a handle. I tell my clients that the handles are the jewelry of the room, as they’re the final touch to your home renovation.

Cuisines Nuenza would like to thank Richelieu once again for inviting us to be a part of their focus group, it was an entertaining and rewarding experience. Looking to revamp your kitchen? Request a Consultation and our kitchen renovation experts will be happy to show you the vast array of handles that are available to add the final touch to your dream kitchen. Interested in Richelieu’s products? Browse our wide range of accessories.