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Kitchens Bring Life to the Heart of the Home


Through the creative world of design, the fusion of shapes and ergonomics makes every movement in the space efficient and harmonious. Colour palettes and a variety of materials help create a balanced living space corresponding to every lifestyle and giving breath to the heart of the home, the kitchen. Without breath, there is no life.

3D Designs

Kitchen, bathroom or closet designs can be viewed using a 3D modeling software that helps visualize a future space in a 3D image, allowing a realistic visit of the area to be remodeled. Feel the serenity created by design, materials, shapes and colours before starting renovations.

Budget flexibility

The broad variety of materials offered makes it possible to create an inspiring design that meets any budget. The price can easily be adjusted based on the materials chosen. Anyone can enjoy a beautiful living space that flows and is totally in line with their lifestyle. Well-being and harmony are part of Cuisines Nuenza’s vision, where dream kitchens are within the reach of every budget.

Project Consultation

A remodeling project can be a pleasant and peaceful experience. Breathe deeply and relax. Everything is covered.

  • Regular communication with certified RBQ contractors and various suppliers to coordinate the project and make sure that deadlines are respected.

  • Regular communication with client on the progress of the project.
  • Precise measurements, electrical and plumbing layouts, and a full set of plans supplied to client and contractor.
  • Monitoring of every detail to ensure a successful project, including tips on how to prepare for, and live during renovations.

Plans and Measurements

Not sure where to start or what style to choose? Bring existing kitchen or bathroom plans, measurements, or simply some ideas, and Nuenza’s designers will put together a preliminary design and estimate to launch the project.


We use this initial stage to gather information about your kitchen design ideas, style and colors preferences. Each client is unique and each kitchen renovation project is unique. Kitchen renovations tend to follow a specific theme such as classic, contemporary, tradition, modern, or transitional. We make sure that your new kitchen reflects your personality and fits perfectly with your home.


We create custom plans for the new kitchen. Many kitchen renovation projects involve changes to the actual structure and design of the kitchen room itself. Sometimes entire walls need to be removed altogether to create more space. On other occasions, simple openings in walls are sufficient in order to allow more light and help people better communicate between the kitchen and the dinning room or the family room.

For each project we prepare plans and schematics that show the electrical and plumbing layouts as well as clearly demonstrate where each cabinetry will go. Before moving to the next phase, we ensure that you review everything and sign off on the project. The final step is to order the new cabinetry, counters and various accessories for the new kitchen


Once the cabinetry and all the accessories are ready, we can begin the actual work of remodeling your existing kitchen and transforming it from its current state to your ultimate dream kitchen. We can work with your existing general contractors or bring our own crew of installers. The decision remains entirely yours. Whichever option you end up choosing, we will make sure to keep ongoing communication with the installers and general contractors. We always keep you up to date with the evolution of the project.

Luxury Kitchen

With a luxury kitchen renovation, you can provide your lodgers with a timeless space that emulates a homely environment, whether you own an apartment building, a condo, a multiplex, or a cottage up north.

Nuenza handles both small and large makeovers, such as:

Maximize the space to bring your apartment rental into this century and simultaneously raise its rental value. You can achieve a modern kitchen renovation by upgrading to fresh materials, such as quartz counter tops and slate flooring, incorporating sleek glass shelves above cabinets, and installing an industrial-style wall rack for hanging pots.

Rejuvenate your rental by replacing generic black-and-white with some colour. A modern kitchen renovation does not necessarily mean neon colours. We recommend using neutrals to bring life to the space without it being too loud or bright; neutrals consist of toned-down blues and greens with grey, taupe, and cream.

An alternative to colour on the walls in your modern kitchen renovation is decal wallpaper, which does well to pep up any room. Some areas that suit wallpaper are accent walls, backsplashes, or the backing inside glass cabinets. The decal wallpaper is temporary, so it can be removed and changed with ease.

The kitchen is where one spends the most time cooking delectable meals, entertaining, and spending time with loved ones; transforming it into a design that reflects such importance is an investment to be proud of. With a modern or luxury kitchen renovation, there are an infinite number of ways to render it a stunning place for family and friends to gather every day. To discuss your upcoming kitchen renovation, contact Nuenza today.

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