Are you about to embark on a kitchen, bathroom or home renovation? Whether it’s your first time with a hammer or you’re a veteran renovation expert, there are always opportunities to learn better ways to transform your home into a dream come true. So, before you start tearing down those pink Formica countertops, check out these renovation do’s and don’ts:

DO Shop Around for Contractors

So, you’ve created a thorough inspiration board for your dream kitchen, and you have everything picked out down to the last detail. You may be surprised by the reality of your first contractor meeting. Either your budget is unrealistic or your remodelling ideas have some unforeseen structural flaws. If your hopes and dreams hit a bit of a road block after your initial meeting with a contractor, try not to be discouraged. Not all contracting companies are the same. It’s worth it to shop around and get a second and third opinion.

DON’T Let Your Budget Decide for You

Speaking about contracting companies, don’t let your budget be the deciding factor in who you choose to remodel your kitchen or bathroom. While higher contracting costs don’t always necessarily mean higher quality of work, sometimes it’s a good indicator of the contractor’s demand. That’s why this stage is so important. Take your time balancing price and quality craftsmanship. Don’t be afraid to ask for examples of their previous work or to tell the contractor you need more time to decide.

DO Aim for Flexibility

Unfortunately, our budget doesn’t always accommodate our design choices. High-quality materials come with a high price tag, so if you’ve chosen more expensive materials to work with, you may be discouraged by how little your money gets you. That’s why it pays to be flexible. There are many economical choices that can look and feel just as amazing as your original choices. Consider alternatives to your most expensive materials so that when it comes time to writing out cheques, you’re not blindsided by the price and you already have a contingency plan.

DON’T Expect to Finish on Time

Home renovation projects have a reputation for taking longer than expected. There’s a really good reason for this: during a remodelling project, your contractor relies on his/her suppliers to deliver materials and custom-made or custom-cut countertops, doors, and finishes from countries all over the world. Delays are often unavoidable. If you really need your renovation done before a specific date, you can always offer an on-time bonus. Otherwise, expect a minimum two-week delay.

DO Consult with an Expert

Not everyone is a natural-born home improvement expert. If you’re struggling with inspiration for your future remodel, consult with an experienced designer who can help you bring your personal tastes and preferences to real life. Cuisines Nuenza has a team of professional designers who possess the industry experience to help you realize your vision. Are you starting to wonder how a kitchen or bathroom update can transform your home? Come and visit our showroom or contact us today to request a free consultation.