How to Ergonomically Optimize the Space in Your Home - Nuenza

We often use the word ergonomic without really knowing what it means. We are certain that it does something good for our bodies, but quite often we aren’t sure how. When something is ergonomic, it is designed to be comfortable and efficient and is shaped to fit to your body and not the other way around. For instance, an ergonomic keyboard allows you to rest your hands more comfortably at a naturall outturned angle to prevent injury. But not only can your workspace benefit from ergonomic design. The space you live in can affect you both physically and psychologically. Here’s how to ergonomically optimize your home.

The Kitchen

We are so used to bending down to retriever a pot or saucepan in the lower cupboard that we might not even realize how inefficient that is. If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, why not consider installing drawers instead of swinging doors with shelves? By having drawers to store your crockery and small kitchen appliances, you can save your knees and lower back from bending all the way down and sticking your whole body inside the cupboard just to retrieve a single item. Drawers are a convenient ergonomic alternative to cupboard doors.

While there is a standard counter height, that does not mean that it can’t be adjusted to suit your body. Cuisines Nuenza prides itself on offering its clients a customized living space that aesthetically and practically pleases them. During the design phase of your kitchen renovation, discuss what heights are most suitable for you. Counterspace that’s adjusted to your height may save you from lower back pain down the road.


Despite the smaller square footage, a bathroom can easily be designed with ergonomic considerations in mind. However, it’s important to discuss these bathroom renovation needs with our team during the design process. Because of the limited amount of space, everything about the bathroom needs to be considered if it’s to be ergonomic. To be ergonomic, it’s important to give your body enough room to comfortably and safely perform necessary actions, such as stepping in and out of the tub, washing your face, and reaching for toilet paper.

Your bathtub should be long enough to fit you comfortably, and you should be able to reach your hot and cold water from outside the tub without risking a fall. While in the tub, can you easily reach your towel rack? There is a very real danger present if you have to make a dripping-wet journey from your tub to your towel. If you have children, is there enough room beside the tub to bathe them? Can you see a fair amount of your reflection in the mirror or are you constantly forced to stand on tip-toe or bend over? Ergonomically speaking, you should be able to look directly in the mirror with your feet planted in front of you. Lighting should be bright but relaxing.

If you’re prone to hoarding cosmetics and bathroom necessities, it’s important to have enough storage to fit your stuff and to keep your products smartly stowed away. Dumping everything in a drawer or cupboard may not be a sensible choice for small objects. Consider installing pull-out drawers, which allow you to see everything you have without bending down to search for what you’re looking for.

With just a few simple changes to your bathroom or kitchen renovation, you can easily transform your living space into an ergonomic state-of-the-art design that makes living smart, beautiful, and comfortable. Contact Cuisines Nuenza today to request a free consultation or to discuss your ergonomic needs.