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Our Favourite Kitchen Design Trends | Nuenza

If you’re planning a kitchen renovation, your mind is probably reeling with design ideas. There are so many ways to plan and execute a beautiful, functional, and affordable kitchen renovation that you might even be bit overwhelmed with all your options. However, if you don’t even know where to start looking, we’ve come up with our favourite kitchen design trends for a modern kitchen you’ll love for years to come.

Black Appliances and Finishes
For the longest time, home owners were scared to use anything other than whites or bright neutrals in their kitchen remodels. There’s a very good reason for that: white never goes out of style. And even though we will never advise against white on white on white, there are other colour palettes that are just as beautiful and just as timeless. One of the hottest trends in kitchen design this year is the use of black! Black faucets, black handles, black stoves, black fridges. While you don’t have to go overboard (after all, black does absorb light), adding one or two touches of this striking colour perfectly offsets brighter colours around it and creates a seamless effect.

Wood Finishes

Maybe natural wood finishes have become so popular because cabin chic has been the hottest lifestyle and design trend for the last few years, or maybe because people are sick of synthetic materials, or maybe homeowners are embracing a more handcrafted lifestyle…who knows the real reason? All we do know is that natural wood fibres are making a major comeback. We’ve all seen retro kitchens with wood drawers and cabinets everywhere, however, this new wood trend is all about mixing it with other materials, like marble, metals, glass, and industrial elements like brick and even cement.


As far as accents go, metals are the hottest trend of 2017. Exposed pipes, brass lighting fixtures, copper handles and even sinks are popular go-to options for kitchen remodels that are classic and contemporary with a traditional hotel kitchen feel. Metal is durable, long-lasting, and can be combined with so many other materials to give your kitchen a truly unique yet completely gorgeous facelift.

A Smarter Take on Kitchen Storage

Kitchen storage has come a long way, both inside and out. Updating the functionality of your kitchen cabinets is almost as important as changing the look of your doors and handles. This trend is all about saving you space. Expect more cleverly optimized and ergonomic storage solutions, such as multi-tiered drawers, narrow slots for cookie sheets and cutting boards, pullout trays, and bread boxes.

Visit Cuisines Nuenza’s Showroom

If you know you want a kitchen remodel but you’re not sure where to start, come and visit Cuisines Nuenza’s impressive showroom, where one of our design staff would be happy to show you the latest trends and let you become familiar with the various colour palettes and design materials we offer. Or contact us for a free consultation where one of our staff members will sit down with you to discuss how we can transform your old kitchen into a room of your dreams.