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How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen | Nuenza

Imagine being able to invite a few friends over and enjoying a meal together that was prepared in your very own outdoor kitchen! The sun is out, maybe a pool is sparkling nearby, and the garden is trimmed. It’d be paradise!

From planning the layout to checking your landscape, building an outdoor kitchen can be a job and half – but if you have the right partners. So before you dive into the construction, it’s always a great idea to explore what you will need for the process. Our Nuenza interior designers have outlined how to build your idyllic outdoor kitchen.

measuements on blueprints

Plan Your Entertainment Area

First things first: figure out how you want to integrate an outdoor kitchen into your home’s layout. From backyards in the suburbs to decks in the city, you will need to figure out a few basic elements, such as: 

  • Measure the length and width of your entire space (patio, deck, etc.) to get the square footage
  • Decide how you want to divide the space according to the food prep area versus the cooking area versus the seating area. Keep in mind the types of appliances you want to include as well as any additional features, such decorations and accessories.

This preliminary work will make it easier for you to structure the outdoor kitchen layout. Need a better idea for the layout? Here are some popular outdoor kitchen layouts that our team is familiar with from simple to complex:

  • Linear: The outdoor kitchen area is set up across the back of the home in a single line.
  • L-Shaped: This layout offers countertop space and more for the food prep area and the cooking area. Both sections have storage.
  • Galley: The outdoor kitchen is divided by a corridor with appliances, storage, and countertops on either side.
  • U-Shaped: This layout shape is ideal for large outdoor kitchens because it allows everything to be at your fingertips, from potential rolling pizza ovens to the drawers to the counter space.
  • Kitchen Island: For plenty of room, choose this outdoor kitchen layout. An island can be customized to fit any space. It will feel just like your indoor kitchen, but better with its built-in grill, buffet and food prep space, as well as cabinet boxes, a mini fridge, and more!

Our experts can provide you with more detailed outdoor layouts to create the right flow. 

stone backyard with pool

Review the Location of Your Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Since this kitchen is outdoors, you need to consider Mother Nature and your property’s structure:

  • The area you select to set up your kitchen must have a strong, resilient, and fireproof foundation.
  • Having electrical outlets near your kitchen area will save you a lot of time and money. 
  • Check the wind direction of your area to ensure the smoke from the grill will blow away from the house. You may also need to place your grill a minimum of 10 feet from your house, depending on municipal regulations.   
  • If your exterior is too sunny or it rains frequently, consider a partially sheltered outdoor kitchen setup.

Outdoor kitchens are considered permanent fixtures, which means you will likely need certain permits, depending on your municipality. Municipal permit requirements vary according to the size and scale of your outdoor kitchen installation, so contact your local municipality before starting. Fortunately, exterior kitchen cabinets do not fall under the same category as permanent fixtures, so they do not require a permit, and you can take them with you if you ever decide to move. 

It’s essential to think about these aspects when building your DIY outdoor kitchen. However, the good thing about working with professionals like those on the Nuenza team is that they can relieve some of this stress by helping to design and build the kitchen for you!

Choose Your Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

Depending on the type of outdoor kitchen you want to build, there are many essential appliances to customize your space. Whether you have a freestanding model, a built-in model, or an outdoor living suite, consider these:

  • Outdoor Sink: Installing a sink is a more sanitary way to wash your hands and dishes as opposed to using the garden hose.
  • Outdoor Refrigerator: Keep ingredients and drinks cool and close at all times. Outdoor models are sturdier than indoor fridges because they’re made to withstand the elements.
  • Outdoor Grill Islands: As the heart of your outdoor kitchen, choose the type that appeals to your cooking style and recipes: A charcoal grill adds that seared flavour while gas grills make cooking easier and heat evenly.

people sitting together near pool

If your head is spinning with all of these details, it’s a sign to call in the professional. Nuenza is at your service!

Can I Build My Own DIY Outdoor Kitchen?

Yes, you can, but Nuenza can ensure that it’s built right and will last for years to come! Nuenza will not only help you to design your outdoor kitchen, but we will also provide you with a variety of high-quality stainless steel outdoor kitchen appliances. 

From a portable pizza oven to a completely open air kitchen, Nuenza’s designers will optimize your space and make it feel like home.

Contact us today to get started!