One of the most exciting parts of remodelling your home is getting to choose your brand new appliances. Whether your old appliances are old, falling apart, or fail to match the décor of your new remodel, there are many good reasons to say sayonara to your old and clunky machines. If you’re having a hard time pinning down the type of fridge, oven range, and microwave you want, here are a few ways to choose what’s right for you.


The only problem with choosing a state-of-the-art and top-of-the-line kitchen appliance is the unfortunate price tag that goes along with it. Otherwise, why wouldn’t we choose the best of the best appliances on the market? If you’re on the lookout for a new fridge or stove, the easiest way to narrow down your search is to calculate how much you can spend. If you’re not in any hurry to buy, wait until your favourite appliance goes on sale.

Energy Efficiency

We all want to do our part to help save the planet. One way to reduce our carbon footprint is to invest in an eco-certified appliance, which is guaranteed to have a lower efficiency output. Most companies are updating and evolving their technology to become more environmentally friendly, but you can find appliances with special settings that allow your fridge, stove, or dishwasher to run on eco modes. These appliances may present higher upfront costs, but you actually end up saving on your energy bill.


Not everyone can fit a 48” built-in refrigerator into their kitchen. If your kitchen has limited space, it’s important to downsize your shopping list and to look for more realistic sizes. There are many “condo-sized” appliances available that are sensibly designed but don’t make you feel like you’re in a dorm room. Even though full-size ranges and impressive hood vents may not be in your kitchen’s future, we guarantee you’ll find something that’ll suit you and your kitchen to a tee.


In case you weren’t aware, retro appliances are all the range. Bright colours, curvy edges, and funky designs, we just can’t seem to get enough. Many small and large kitchen appliance companies are bringing back classic favourites by popular demand. If you have an eye for bold statement pieces, why not turn your appliances into a trendy statement piece that will set your kitchen apart from the rest?

Is it Possible to Find the Perfect Appliance?

Can you truly find an appliance that’s environmentally friendly and is the right colour, size, and cost? We think so! However, it’s important to align your expectations with what’s available on the market and with what your new kitchen remodel requires. If you’re looking for advice for buying your kitchen appliances, feel free to contact us or to visit our showroom for inspiration.