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Keep or Toss? What You Can Salvage and What Needs to Go - Nuenza

Are you building your budget for your indoor renovation? Cutting costs without sacrificing on quality is a delicate balancing act, but sometimes we run the risk of seeing only the savings. While there are still parts of your home that you can keep and repurpose, there are some furnishings or hardware that are beyond saving. If you’re planning your kitchen or bathroom reno, here’s what you can keep and what you should probably replace:

Grungy Bathtub? Keep

If you don’t have an endless pile of funds to remodel your bathroom, you can save thousands of dollars (which includes labour) by keeping your old bathtub right where it is. Wear-and-tear is normal on a bathtub, especially an old one. However, some problems can easily be fixed without throwing the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak. Bathtub repair companies can make your current tub look brand new. If it’s too rusty or outdated to salvage, you can save money by fitting a new tub right over the old one rather than replace the whole thing.

Cracked, Uneven Tiles? Toss

There’s really no salvaging tiles that have not been laid properly. If the bathroom, kitchen, or mudroom tiles are still intact, they’ll have to be removed and refitted. Starting from scratch can take time and money, which is why we suggest hiring an expert to do it this time. However, if your tiles are beginning to crack or discolour, say goodbye and replace them with something new.

Hardwood Floor? Keep

Discovering hardwood floors underneath unwanted carpet or laminate is like finding pure gold. However, if the previous homeowner decided to hide the hardwood under alternative flooring, they were probably trying to hide damage. Scratched hardwood may be more difficult to salvage and will depend on how it was installed and how long ago. However, if your floors are so old that you can see the nails, you can save money by adding a thick coat of primer and paint.

Kitchen Cabinets? Depends

If you move into a home with an outdated kitchen, consider yourself lucky if the cabinets are made of good, solid wood. Wood cabinets can easily be sanded down and repainted a cleaner, more neutral colour. All you need is to buy new hardware, and you’ve got yourself a new-looking kitchen. However, if your cabinets are made of pressed board or other outdated materials, it’s time to replace them.

When renovating your home, it can often be overwhelming to watch all that waste pile up and head to the dump. Repurposing as many materials as possible can not only reduce your waste, but it can also save you money. Are you interesting in renovating your kitchen or bathroom? Contact Cuisines Nuenza for a free consultation and estimate.