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Kitchen Design Features | Cuisines Nuenza Blog

Most of us feel swept up in the current of modern trends, doing away with last year’s styles as easily as we would with an old smartphone. In many respects, it can’t be helped. Pressure comes from all sides to stay as modern and as chic as possible, potentially overruling our own flair for the sake of keeping up with the Joneses. The desire to constantly stay trendy does come with many drawbacks, however. Some home features may not necessarily be à la mode but are nevertheless so beloved that they transcend modern home design and have become (or should become) timeless classics.


Many of us have only ever seen a dumbwaiter in the movies. Retrofitting a dumbwaiter can be an expensive (and some might say unnecessary) renovation since it requires breaking through walls and floors and doesn’t serve a purpose that a set of stairs and a pair of legs can’t provide. The dumbwaiter was the 19th-century staple in homes where domestic life was taken care of by maids and butlers. Rather than constantly travelling up and down the stairs with whatever the master or mistress of the house wanted, sending the afternoon cup of tea right up at the ring of the bell was much more efficient. These days, dumbwaiters are considered nothing but a “period feature,” but we love the look and style of these mini elevators.

Greenhouse Windows

The world is becoming more energy conscious. Provincial governments are investing in energy efficiency and sustainability like never before. This eco-friendly mentally has trickled down (or perhaps sprung up) from everyday households that maintain sustainable practices. Greenhouse windows are certainly part of that movement. Of course, when they were first installed in kitchen windows hundreds of years ago, there was no conscious thought about how green they could be, but now, greenhouse windows are seen as both decorative and eco-friendly. Grow a kitchen garden right from your windowsill utilizing only the power of the sun.

Dutch Doors

Depending on where you live, Dutch doors aren’t necessarily the most practical style of kitchen entrance. But we love how they instantly add an old-world and romantic charm to any kitchen. We can just imagine someone setting out a freshly baked pie to cool on the shelf above the bottom door and the naughty dog that tries to steal it. While Dutch doors aren’t mainstream, you can find many window and door installers in your area that sell and install this particular style.

The Larder

Now synonymous with a kitchen pantry, historically, a larder was the coldest room of the house that was used to preserve produce, dairy, and meat. Always facing the north side of the house away from any direct sunlight, the larder was lined with shelves and hooks and included a small window that was essential for circulation. The larder has mostly been replaced by refrigeration, but there’s much to be said about using architecture as a cheap and eco-friendly way of keeping food cool.

Open Flames

We’re not saying that fireplaces aren’t mainstream. In fact, not having a fireplace in the home can be a dealbreaker for many house hunters. But there came a time when the fireplace or hearth was the pinnacle of the home. In many cultures, the hearth is even symbolic of harmonious domestic life. It’s a shame that wood-burning stoves have fallen out of fashion because nothing says home sweet home quite like a warm kitchen.

Do you have a unique kitchen style in mind? Cuisines Nuenza can help. We’ll design a functional, ergonomic and fashionable kitchen to leave you happy for years to come. Come and visit our showroom or request a free estimate.