Kitchen Backsplash Services

Renovating your kitchen’s backsplash can make a big difference to the room. But you need to choose the right wall tiles to make the best impression and get the largest return on your investment. 

Backsplashes generally cover a small area of the kitchen, which means you can go a little further during the design process. Go from a subway tile to glass backsplash, for example, to make your room shine in all its glory!

Nuenza’s vast experience with interior kitchen design can ensure that the backsplash ties in nicely with the countertops, cabinets, walls—everything!

Choose from a Variety of Backsplash Tiles

Add style your way with a backsplash that’s traditional, contemporary, or a fusion of both. You can match styles or mix them up for something new. This is your perfect opportunity to show off your unique style while bringing the room together.

There are so many colours, materials, and designs out there, but here are a few popular choices for your inspiration:

Subway Tiles

With simple and classy lines, the subway tile look blends into the décor for a clean atmosphere. 

Glass Tiles

The reflection of the glass will brighten and expand the room for a magical feel.

Natural Stone Tiles

Its general timeless appeal provides added value when reselling a home.

Ceramic Mosaic Tile

Ceramic mosaics are textured, lending character and warmth to the space.

What is the Most Popular Backsplash?

For homeowners, tile is the most popular backsplash style. However, you don’t have to stick to convention. Sometimes, the layout of the house dictates the backsplash material. In other cases, you have complete control over your material choice from the start.  

If you don’t want glass, marble, or stone, you can also try:


Whether it’s painted or left natural, wood adds warmth to the kitchen, creating a cabin-like quality.

Pressed Tin

You’ve probably seen this type of backsplash at your local hip coffee shop. The metallic patterns will add detail to an otherwise neutral space. 


The texture of a brick backsplash can evoke memories of being at Nona’s house for dinner, where the entire family gathered to celebrate and spend time together. 


Open your kitchen to the great outdoors or the next room over with a window. The room won’t seem so closed-off.

Acrylic Panels

Easy to install, clean and maintain, high-gloss acrylic panels can create striking visuals for a clean and bright look.

Printed Vinyl Wallpaper

Available in many bold patterns, printed vinyl wallpaper is highly resistant to damage from scrubbing, moisture and humidity. 

Create the space you want with shapes, light, colours, and more. Nuenza is here to give you ideas and bring your design dreams to life.

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How Much Does it Cost to Install a Backsplash?

The cost of a backsplash installation with labour costs varies from project to project because of the materials each customer chooses. When you work with Nuenza in Montreal, we always provide our clientele with cost-effective options and suggestions based on their blueprints, as well as the choice of luxury materials.

Modern Kitchen Backsplash Installation

The Nuenza team can assist with design choices and speak with tile experts to ensure that your space lives up to the dream in your head. We can provide you with ways to protect your backsplash and offer easily maintained options, all while adhering to your budget.

Need help renovating your kitchen? We do that too.

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