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With the help of our experienced interior designers, you can transform your current kitchen style with Nuenza. From porcelain to ceramic to wood, we can assist you from the design process all the way to installation to make your home feel complete.

What Material is Best for Kitchen Flooring?

When choosing flooring, it’s not just about the style of the room. Durability is a major factor to consider. Finding the right tile or hardwood material can be difficult if you don’t know the properties and benefits of flooring materials:


Ceramic Tile

A popular choice for kitchen, ceramic tile is stain and moisture-resistant. It’s ideal for indoor spaces.

Porcelain Tile

Like ceramic, porcelain tiles are stain and moisture-resistant, but they can be used both outdoors and indoors. Visit our outdoor kitchen page for some ideas! 

Glass Tile

Used as a decorative feature or flooring, glass tile reflects light, making the space larger and brighter. Glass floor tiles are usually textured to prevent slipping.

Marble Tile

Homeowners love marble flooring because it has a luxurious finish while being shatter-resistant and a good insulator.

Laminate Flooring

This is a good alternative to hardwood flooring since laminate is cost-effective and more durable with an affluent quality . 

Hardwood Flooring

With regular waxing care, wood floors exude a timeless elegance and welcome people into the space. 

Engineered Wood Flooring

Unlike solid hardwood floors, engineering wood has layers and is made of hardwood and plywood. It adds warmth and atmosphere to any room. 

Cork Flooring

This eco-friendly and attractive material is soft underfoot, and provides a warm, durable and practical flooring solution that will fit in perfectly in any number of home decor styles.

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Nuenza Kitchen Flooring: Durability and Design Excellence

Kitchens can be high-traffic areas, and are also the rooms most commonly exposed to moisture (from cooking and cleaning). Homeowners need to choose materials that are both durable, gorgeous, and easy to maintain. 

Floor tiles are highly durable, larger than wall tile, and allow for a faster installation. When properly maintained, wood floors lend a traditional essence that welcomes individuals. Nuenza can suggest water-resistant and low-maintenance wood and floor tile materials to ensure your flooring lasts a long time while adding class to the space. 

Should you go with a square tile or branch out to something more artistic, such as hexagonal tiles? We will narrow down your options with our knowledge and experience! Depending on your style and preferences, we can also use the flooring material to make accent walls, also known as a feature wall.

By Your Side for Your Entire Renovation Project in Montreal

Nuenza will help you choose and shop for the best flooring that suits your project, whether its wall tiles or engineered wood. We will follow your budget and make sure that we meet your preferences, and accomplish each stage by its deadline.

How about a kitchen backsplash to compliment your new floors? Our interior designers are ready to help you with whatever you can dream up.

If you’re ready to get started on a project, contact us today!

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