Kitchen Renovation Project is currently underway for one of our clients in Montreal.

Our client was looking to update the southern European feel that is currently in their home with a contemporary and sophisticated style. They wanted to bring the pleasures of great company, good food and fine wines into their home. Our main inspiration came from the large, dark wooded bar that was tucked away in the corner of the formal dining room. By incorporating it into the kitchen design, we were able to create the desired atmosphere sought after by our client.

Once the wall between the kitchen and the dining room was removed, the main floor became a completely open concept. This created an inviting atmosphere and allowed for a continuous flow throughout the space. The bar and the island were combined into one central piece in order to create a delicate harmony. In order to achieve this, we color matched the wood from the bar and incorporated the color into the cabinets in the island. The similar rich tones of brown are also found within the formal dining room furniture, which is placed beside the bar. Having the bar and kitchen island together as one allows for entertaining with ease. Food can easily be served from the island through the bar, to the guests seated by the dining room table.

Work during kitchen renovation project

The design took a little over a month to perfect, in order to achieve exactly what the clients wanted. The renovation however will have taken a little over twelve weeks to complete. Once the walls finish coming down and the new concept becomes reality, this space will be fit for any classic but contemporary executive.


I hope you enjoyed this article about our latest kitchen renovation project. If you are considering renovating your kitchen and would like to discuss ideas, concepts and designs, we invite you to contact us at our custom kitchen showroom in Montreal.

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