Living in a house with one bathroom can make life really difficult. Everyone needs their time in the bathroom to get ready in the morning, which means that some family members might end up being late, skipping their shower, or getting frustrated with the lack of personal time. If your home doesn’t have enough space to add a second bathroom, there are many upgrades you can make to your current bathroom that will make everyone’s life just a little bit (or a lot) easier.

#1: Two Sinks, One Bathroom

Adding a second sink automatically gives you more counterspace, which means that you and another family member can get ready in front of the bathroom sink without shoving each other out of the way or fighting for the best spot in front of the mirror. Also called his-and-her sinks, this upgrade requires very little plumbing work and broadens the counterspace to automatically give you more storage below.

#2: Separate Shower and Tub

You’re giving your children a bath, but your spouse needs to grab a shower. Separating the tub and shower makes life easier for large families to get clean at the same time. It also gives you the opportunity to add a few luxury features to your new shower, such as a steam shower kit and sauna seating.

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#3: Lots of Storage Space

While adding a second bathroom may not be feasible, you may still be able to extend the square footage of your current bathroom to add extra shelves and drawers. More storage space in the bathroom leads to less clutter, better organization, and a cleaner look. Cuisines Nuenza specializes in various bathroom storage styles, from ultra-modern to safe and traditional.

#4: Jack-and-Jill Doors

If your bathroom sees endless traffic throughout the day, it’s inevitably going to feel crowded. That’s where adding a separate entrance improves the flow of the bathroom and creates better harmony for everyone in the house. Opening up the one bathroom to make it an ensuite also increases the value of your property.

#5: Move the Washer/Dryer Out

If your single bathroom has to accommodate all the needs of every family member, it already has a lot do it. Having the washer/dryer hookup inside the bathroom takes up room and makes it very difficult to change the laundry when someone needs their privacy. Give your bathroom less to do by moving the washer/dryer hookup somewhere else. You’ll be surprised how much space and time is freed up.

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