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Cuisine Nuenza located near a thriving Mile-Ex neighbourhood

The understated mile-ex neighborhood in Montreal (approximately 1.6 km2) is located between the Mile-end and Parc-Extension, from which it takes its name. Part of the borough of the Plateau Mont-Royal, its original name was Marconi-Alexandra, the name of a company that once employed many in the area.  The areas amalgamation of commercial, industrial and residential aspects was a direct mirror of the image Cuisines Nuenza portrays. The kitchen renovation specialist and custom kitchen cabinets maker is located on boulevard Saint-Laurent in Montreal.

The mile-ex neighborhood carries a particular artistic vibe. Occupying the area are musicians and artists, art galleries, writers and eclectic bars and restaurants with appropriately distinct kitchen designs. The area also includes many businesses that keep the wellbeing of your home in mind. Included are kitchen hardware stores, kitchen cabinet and furniture designers. It is clear why Cuisines Nuenza has decided to establish its kitchen showroom in the area. We believe in turning the interior into an artistically inclined area that reflects our distinct personalities.

At Cuisines Nuenza, we believe it is important to support locally made products. All of the custom made kitchen products and furniture sold at Nuenza are made by Miralis, a company located on St-Anaclet, in the Rimouski area of Quebec. Miralis has also recently revealed its new logo and website with a slogan that reads ‘’The Art of the Kitchen”. For Cuisine Nuenza, this slogan hits close to home!

At Cuisines Nuenza, we strongly believe in the art of sharing; sharing with our family in particular. A primary example of this is during dinner. A kitchen that is suited to our tastes and needs is reflected on our quality of life and affects the dynamic of the family. At Cuisines Nuenza, the sharing happens between designers, customers and local businesses.

Come visit us! Nothing makes us happier than meeting with both potential and current clients and discussing your future renovation projects.