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Outdoor Kitchens 4

Many homeowners have a barbecue in the backyard, but making dozens of trips back and forth to get supplies inside is not exactly a convenient way to cook, or to entertain.

On top of that, wasted space is a common challenge in home design, particularly in the backyard, and it’s something to be avoided. In fact, most homes haven’t realized their potential, especially as it relates to backyard design.

However, with the right designer at your side, you can have the convenience of an entire kitchen incorporated into your backyard design in a way that’s both practical and stylish. Are you ready to get creative with your living space?

The Nuenza team can design and create an outdoor kitchen that transports you to another world. And it’s easy on the wallet. See what we mean by reading on below!

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Why Install an Outdoor Kitchen on Your Property?

One of the best things about installing an outdoor kitchen in your backyard is the expansion in your living space. By transforming the backyard from a passive area adorned with flowers into a place of comfort and activity, you give yourself a little bit of well-deserved breathing room.

Another benefit of having an outdoor kitchen is the versatility it affords you. Because the units we build are completely mobile, they can be easily removed and taken with you wherever you go, even in the event of a home sale. And because the process of building outdoor kitchen cabinets doesn’t require a permit, you can rest easy knowing construction will be a breeze.

An outdoor kitchen adds an air of luxury to your home, making it the sanctuary you need to relax from the day’s stresses. Stainless steel appliances bring your grill game to the next level with high-end performance. And when Nuenza designs your outdoor kitchen, we can ensure that there’s plenty of space to set items down or to store them properly.

What is the Best Outdoor Kitchen Space?

The best outdoor kitchen space is one that makes you feel at home! Our team will discuss your preferences and style. From a garden oasis to rustic country living, we can create a kitchen unit that complements your yard’s aesthetic. Here are some essentials our customers love in their outdoor kitchen:


Kitchen Cabinets

Outdoor kitchen cabinets and drawers are designed with commercial-grade materials and heavy-duty enclosures for the ultimate protection from nature. We offer a myriad of cabinet configurations, from double doors to a combination of a single-access door with double drawers.

Storage Space

With our many storage solutions, you can store ingredients, utensils, and supplies in drawers and cabinets for everything to be at your fingertips. We can also create secure trash and recycling compartments in your kitchen cabinets. Everything will be safe from the elements and animals.

Stainless Steel Appliances

There are a variety of appliances that allow you to cook in the wondrous outdoors:

  • Grilling season is better with an outdoor kitchen with a chic stainless steel countertop, grill, and utensils at your fingertips. Grills come as freestanding models, built-in models, and part of an outdoor living suite.
  • Keep your party guests hydrated as they lounge on the patio and watch you prepare mouthwatering dishes. Refrigeration units can store wine, beer, and drinks, as well as ingredients.
  • An ice dispenser provides convenience and allows guests to keep their drinks cold during those hot summer days.
  • Have beer on tap for your friends with a beer dispenser built into your outdoor kitchen. It’s designed with a refrigeration element to ensure the drink stays cold even on those sweltering days.



An indoor kitchen needs great ventilation to clear smoke and odours, but with outdoor cooking spaces, ventilation is not always a requirement. Still, for enclosed, three-season outdoor kitchen spaces, we can easily install a hood and venting system that fits your outdoor kitchen needs.

Complementary Products

Single side burners, tower carts, refreshment centers, an insulated sink—discover all kinds of products to make the most out of your outdoor cooking experience.


Nuenza ensures that outdoor kitchens are complete with various accessories, including carbon fibre vinyl covers, fridge caster kits, and wall louvres.

Outdoor Cooking Station Ideas

Going out to eat will have a whole meaning once your outdoor kitchen is installed. But what is the layout and style of your home?



Take the party outside where everyone can enjoy a meal together, even if it’s raining. An enclosed outdoor kitchen lets friends and family eat, drink, run around, and watch videos. A pavilion can also be designed so it stores food and has a powder room.


For cooking on those clear, bright days, an open patio kitchen is perfect for those smaller yards. With an adjoining dining area, all you need to do is open the parasol, start the grill, and you’re in business!

Hestan Outdoor Rooftop Lush Full Kitchen Glam


Perfect for both city-dwellers and country residents, an outdoor kitchen on a deck can give you the sense of being part of an exclusive club. You can have a dining area with a table and chairs or a more casual atmosphere with several comfy chairs and side tables.

Mobile Stone BBQ Area

Depending on the amount of available space, your outdoor kitchen can include not only a grill station, but a unique mobile stone fireplace as well, handy for those chilly summer nights and autumn days.

With our designers at your side, you can even opt for a wood-burning pizza oven designed for mobility as well. How cool would it be to have an aesthetically pleasing and practical way to cook for and entertain your guests?

Mobile Stone BBQ Area

How Do I Set Up an Outdoor Kitchen?

No matter what type of outdoor kitchen you choose, there are many ways to add the right touch to your outdoor space. There are so many themes to try, from adding string fairy lights and rugs to potted palm plants and luau torches.

Nuenza can help you narrow down your options in outdoor kitchens, from traditional to premium outdoor grilling. We’ll discuss everything needed to create your kitchen, including construction, materials, and layout.

Setting up an outdoor kitchen is easy when you work with the right people. Nuenza has partnered with Urban Bonfire and Hestan  to set up the perfect outdoor kitchen for you and your guests to enjoy from spring to fall. 

Contact our interior designers today to get started on the outdoor kitchen of your dreams!

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