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How to Reclaim Your Nook as a Beautiful Space in Your Home - Nuenza

Sometimes, we’re blessed with unique spaces in our homes that may not have any functional purpose but serve as a distinctive architectural feature that gives houses their own special charm. If you are the proprietor of a nook, you might be faced with the unusual task of figuring out what to do with this rare house feature. Here are some ways you can reclaim your nook as its own unique space.

Reading Nook

Many children dream of having that perfect place to hide where they can escape to their imagination in peace. A reading nook is great for both parents and children, as it offers a quiet, distraction-free space where you can lounge and catch up on some reading. Depending on the size of your nook, you may feel inspired to hang bookshelves, spotlighting, and a few comfy pillows.

Bold Wallpaper

Many hallways feature small nooks or indentations where cupboard spaces used to be. If your nook is shallow, you can easily distinguish it from the rest of the house by adding bold wallpaper that complements the rest of the living space without getting absorbed into it. Add a bit of mood lighting and a few vibrant art pieces, and you’ve just created a wonderful new feature to your home.

A Living Wall

Living walls add drama to interior spaces. If your nook faces a window, cover it top to bottom with a living wall filled with your favourite greenery. You can build the irrigation system yourself or buy special kits. Your nook will come alive with your vertical garden, plus all those plants will help clean the air of contaminants, add moisture in your home, and make you feel generally happier. If your nook doesn’t face a window, but you have your heart set on a living wall, you can install grow lights that will give the plants the light they need to thrive. Popular plant choices for living walls include ferns, devil’s ivy, dracaenas, grasses, moss, and succulents.

A Place to Sit

Sometimes, the only thing our nooks can offer us is a place to sit. But that doesn’t mean your unique space will be any less boring. To make sure your nook stands out from the rest of the living area, why not find a rare piece, like an antique settee, or a bright retro chair to add just the right hint of drama to your space.

There are so many ways to reclaim your nook as its own unique space. Every room, big or small, offers many possibilities for you to test out your imagination and let your remodelling dreams soar. If you’re looking for inspiration or help reclaiming your spot, contact Cuisines Nuenza today for a free estimate and consultation.