Kitchen Renovations That Invigorate The Senses

The kitchen is the home’s sanctuary. It is where families gather after a long day to refocus, feel safe, and appreciate the smell of mom’s soup or dad’s lasagna. It is where friends unite and bond, where children feel rooted.

Every kitchen renovation begins in the showroom where a first connection with colours, shapes, and volumes occurs. One can appreciate, for example, how kitchen cabinetry in vibrant colours gives energy to a small space, how a granite countertop creates texture and depth, how a glass tile backsplash adds a touch of light to a dark corner, and how smart storage elements optimize movements to create a flow of energy. A kitchen renovation is a deep transformation where every detail counts.

The right cabinetry will optimize storage space, promote flow and efficiency, and define one’s personality with its colours, style, and textures. Ergonomic design will create an efficient cooking space and an inviting social area where family and friends can gather.

Various materials will complement each other to create the true soul of a dream kitchen.
Accessories and details will give the final touch and make the renovated kitchen complete.
Kitchen renovations do not have to be overly stressful. A team of designers is present every step of the way to explain the impact of each material used, and to create the new space in perfect harmony with one’s personal kitchen habits. Tips on how to manage the living space during renovations are also available.

Kitchen renovations transform kitchens into unique, stimulating spaces to invigorate the senses.

Kitchen Accessories – The Intimate Touch

Accessories make any décor come alive. They transform nice into stunning, interesting into astonishing. Adding architectural details or specific elements will not only make the kitchen more versatile and attractive, it will reflect the unique personality of the space in every detail. These include integrated appliances, lift-up doors, drawer boxes and pull-outs, lighting elements, decorative corbels, to name but a few.

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