Once you’ve decided to go ahead with your kitchen renovation, you might be feeling a range of emotions: excitement for the outcome, anxiety for the expense, and dread for the actual work. It’s normal to experience a certain level of trepidation at the thought of your previously loved kitchen being ripped apart by hammers. If you’re worried about going crazy from the noise, dust, and general chaos, here are some helpful tips for staying sane during your kitchen renovation.

Have a Contingency Fund

Spending money you don’t have is enough to make anyone crazy. When it comes to renovations, you may be the most organized human on the planet and still face some expensive surprises. You never know what’s hiding behind your old kitchen cabinets or countertops. Your main priority is safety, so if your contractor finds something during the reno that isn’t up to code, you can go ahead and start writing out a cheque. To ease the burden of these added expenses, set aside some money for those “just in case” moments.

Get Out of the Way

Just looking at your demolished kitchen and seemingly slow renovations are enough to drive anyone mad. It might be worthwhile to move out of the house completely during the reno, so you don’t have to deal with the mess and noise. Forget about working around the renovations to cook a meal or even make yourself a cup of coffee. In fact, just stay away from the scene as much as possible. If finding somewhere else to live during renovations is not possible, set up a makeshift kitchen somewhere else in the house for the time being.

Control the Dust

Home renovation shows make demolition day look tolerable, even fun. Who doesn’t want to unleash their frustration with a sledgehammer and a swift kick with a steel-toed boot? What those shows don’t rightfully convey is just how much dust and debris are produced from demolishing a kitchen, especially if you’re tearing down walls. Not only is dust a real drag to clean, but it can also get into your lungs and sinuses and make you sick. To control the spread of dust, remember to shut off your furnace during demo day and seal all your vents. If you contain the dust in one space, a trusty Shop-Vac will take care of the rest.

Remind Yourself of the End Goal

It can be hard to stay motivated about your renovation when all you see are unfinished cabinets, bare walls, and wires. Give yourself a little morale boost by printing out pictures of what your kitchen will eventually look like. Keeping that reminder with you will allow you to plan for the future and start shopping for all the furnishings, such as new dinnerware and décor.

One day, you’re second-guessing your decision to remodel your kitchen, and the next, you’re looking at a brand-new kitchen. The first time you get to use your new appliances and put your dishes away in their new cupboards, you’ll realize that your renovation was well worth the wait. Staying focused on your end goal and staying as far away from the job site as possible will help you get through your remodelling mentally unscathed. Of course, it helps that Cuisines Nuenza has an expert team of designers and contractors who are ready to build you a beautiful and customized space at a budget that works for you. Contact us today for a free estimate.