Are you planning a kitchen renovation or sprucing up some old fixtures in 2019? The sheer number of options for your kitchen can be overwhelming. Here are some kitchen trends in 2019 that can inspire your new kitchen design; in general, popular kitchen designs this year incorporate modern, industrial, and bold looks. Within these trends, there are many ways to combine texture, colour, and materials to create a kitchen that reflects your own personal style.

Matte Black

For a sophisticated, modern look, consider matte black for your cabinets. This finish is now available from many popular cabinet manufacturers. When done correctly, matte black cabinets will give your kitchen a stylish twist. If you don’t love black, find another bold colour choice for your cabinets. If you want to stay up to date, stay away from white cabinets; they’re are out of style.

Industrial Details

Materials, like finished concrete and stainless steel, are showing up in kitchen designs, and the possibilities for creativity are endless. Concrete can be polished or finished with a patina to achieve a variety of desired effects, and it lends a professional flair to any kitchen.

Forged Iron Fixtures

To complement an industrial look, many designers are turning to forged iron for shelf supports, light fixtures, and other details. Iron pipes lend a bold touch without standing out too much.

Gadgets Galore

Now that smart devices and controllers are making their way into all kinds of appliances, it’s ok to show off your tech rather than hide it. Whether it’s a high-tech light switch or a stylish wall-mounted tablet, you can find a way to work your modern touches into your overall design.

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