Are you expecting guests? Do you want to transform your bathroom into your own personal oasis? Whatever the reason, redecorating your bathroom can be fun and rewarding. Here are new bathroom trends for 2019.


Among the newest bathroom trends for this year, neutral colour palettes can give your bathroom a classic feel. Monochromatic (the use of one colour) elements on tile and cabinets are all the rage this year. Natural wood floors are great additions to the neutral colour palette as well.


Adding fine art to the walls of a spacious bathroom makes a bold statement and adds personality. Just adding a nice painting over the tub can make you feel like you’re bathing in luxury.


Looking to add some modern design to your bathroom? Installing a wall-mounted toilet can do the trick. If you’re going for a minimalist, contemporary look, a wall-mounted toilet can be the perfect addition to your bathroom. You can also save more space with wall-mounted toilets, which means more space to add your favourite pieces.


Add charm to your shower and sink with exposed hardware. This is especially great for the industrial design fans out there. It brings back an old trend seen in antique homes. Pair this with white, modern marble, and you’ve got yourself a beauty.


Yeah, we know. Concrete and plaster don’t exactly scream trendy and fun. But you can achieve a refined bathroom design with these materials if you have the right elements. You can incorporate concrete or plaster on your countertops, in your shower (replacing tiles), and even on your walls. These materials can add a sleek and seamless design to your bathroom and make colourful items stand out.

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