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What Types of Lighting Are Right for Your Living Space? - Nuenza

Not all lighting is created equal…which is a good thing. Sometimes the brightest isn’t always the best. When it comes to choosing appropriate lighting for all your living spaces, it’s important to consider the size and function of the room. A dimly lit room can appear uninviting and unusable, while a room that’s too bright may prevent us from relaxing. At Cuisines Nuenza, we specialize in transforming kitchens, bathrooms, and unique living spaces into functional, beautiful, and welcoming rooms. When it comes to choosing the right lighting for your home renovation, here are a few things to consider.

Kitchens Need a Lot of Light

In family homes, kitchens are always bustling with activity. From cooking, to dining, to finishing homework at the table, the kitchen is the heart of the home, which means that a single type of lighting won’t do the trick. An ambient ceiling fixture can provide general light to a room and leave ample brightness for simple activities such as grabbing something quick from the fridge or wiping down countertops. However, general lighting won’t typically reach into far corners, which is where task lighting comes in. Make your kitchen counter come alive with easy-to-install task lights that hide easily beneath cabinets and add perfect illumination. Being able to see in front of you also provides added safety, especially when surrounded by sharp kitchen knives and hot surfaces. Accent lights are a perfect opportunity to add a bit of flare and to tie the decor together. Use accent lights to illuminate the sink, breakfast bar, or island.

Get the Most out of Your Bathroom

Bathroom vanities need very specific light. Bathroom mirrors do a lot of work for us, from helping us apply our makeup, to shaving and flossing. The lighting around our face needs to be bright and honest. To achieve the optimal light around your bathroom mirror, we organize fixtures on three sides to eliminate shadow and illuminate all angles. If your bathroom is small enough, you may get away with just your vanity lights, but larger bathrooms require ambient lighting to brightly guide the way towards the toilet and tub. Ambient lighting does not have to be as bright, and it may be useful to install a dimmer switch to avoid late-night blindness.

Impress Your Guests as They Enter

If your front door features a window, why not install a grand chandelier in the foyer? Believe it or not, chandeliers (when seen from outside) add curb appeal and invite the eyes inward. Watch as your guests look up in awe at your unique and grand chandelier that greets them as they enter your home. Choose from ultra modern metallics to classy crystal: this is your chance to tie in your home’s design elements to create a seamless and magazine-ready look.

The Cuisines Nuenza team prides itself on its ability to transform any kitchen, bathroom, or unique space into stylish, comfortable, and customized rooms that owners can be proud of. Are you interested in renovating your home? Contact us today or request a free consultation.