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Dream Farmhouse Kitchen With Remodelling - Nuenza

With one of our latest urban kitchen renovation projects, we found ourselves dealing with a couple who was looking to downsize from a single family home in the suburbs to a condo in the city. They wanted to free themselves from the long list of responsibilities involved from owning a large family home; a trend that’s becoming increasingly popular. Moving to the city and downsizing allowed them to travel without the worry of property maintenance back home. They were looking for a unique look, something clean between classic and contemporary design. They were seeking the help of a designer to create their vision. That’s where the team of Montreal-based kitchen renovation specialists at Cuisines Nuenza came in.

Urban kitchen renovation inspiration

The main source of inspiration for this urban kitchen renovation project was the fact that almost the entire back wall was composed of windows. As a result, the view for the couple was predominately the rows of trees and small gardens outside. They wanted to bring this feature inside their home. As such, the space was opened up and all clutter was removed. The new kitchen island was relocated to the side and transformed into a peninsula. This was done so the clients would be able to sit and have their meal while looking outside, rather than staring at the kitchen.

The main challenge in this smaller space was getting the ergonomics just right. The window wall was cleared of cabinets in order to free up the space, and additional storage had to be added to the opposing wall to compensate for the lost space. The sink was moved towards the end of the counter to maximize the cooking area between the stove and the sink. Now, whoever is cooking will also be able to enjoy the view from the windows while doing so.

Stay Tuned

From the first hit of a hammer to the moment the counters are finally set, this urban kitchen renovation project will have taken approximately 6 six week to complete. Are you wondering how the final design will turn out? Stay tuned for photos of the final outcome of the design.

Are you seeking the help of a designer to put your vision into motion? Our trained experts at Cuisine Nuenza will bring this idea to life.

If you are considering having your kitchen remodeled this season or have any questions regarding the matter, we invite you to contact us for a free consultation. Don’t forget to visit our kitchen showroom for an array of sample kitchen cabinets, backsplash and countertop materials, flooring options, and many avant-garde kitchen accessories. We also invite you to visit and follow us on our HouzzFacebookPinterest and Google+ profiles.