Vacation Mode

Who wouldn’t want to wake up every morning to a space that was designed to feel like a resort?

When we were given the brief of renovating a space in the prestigious “Tropics North” condo complex in Montreal, we embraced the unique architecture of this building and utilized it as our main inspiration for the design. Being in Canada, it is rather rare to be able to step outside of your back terrace and find yourself in a tropical oasis, even in the dead of winter.

As the kitchen was original to the 1985 construction, it was time to bring this high-end rental into the 21st century whilst keeping with that Caribbean vibe. By combining warm toned cabinets in the whites, browns and wood tones we managed to capture the essence of the space. 

The feature element of this kitchen is the textured stone back-splash washed by LED strip lights. This gives the stone somewhat of a waterfall-like movement that is great for every mood.

Finally, the countertops and floors are in the soft grey tones, bringing a natural stone-like feeling to the space. In the end, all elements came together in order to create that perfect feel of rest and relaxation.

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