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Home Design Can Change Your Lifestyle - Nuenza
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Our homes are a mirror image of our lifestyle. If getting to work in the morning is a constant struggle because you’re always fighting over the bathroom with other family members, that is an example of how home design affects your lifestyle. If you can’t seem to relax in your living room, no matter how much you’ve invested in comfortable furniture, that may be a sign that the layout and lighting aren’t fostering a calming environment. Here are some simple changes you can make in your home that will have a positive impact on your lifestyle.

Disorganization Isn’t Always Your Fault

After a long day at work and what seems like an even longer commute home, sometimes it’s just easier to dump everything on the floor when you walk through our front door. But if you walk through the front door and have nowhere to put your bag, jacket, keys, and mail, we don’t blame you for shoving everything in the first spot you can find…which is probably the floor.

Proper organization starts with having enough storage throughout the house, especially at the front door. Cuisines Nuenza has worked with many happy clients to create gorgeous organizational spaces and functional mudrooms. What happens when you have enough room to store everything? Not only will you be more motivated to stay organized but you will suddenly find that the lack of clutter in your home can help you focus on tasks, and have more time doing the things that matter to you. An organized home leads to an organized mind.

Brighten up Your Room, Brighten up Your Spirits

Do you have one of those living rooms that no one wants to sit in? It may be because the lighting isn’t conducive to relaxation. Living rooms aren’t just for socializing on the couch or sitting down to watch TV. You might call them multipurpose rooms. So how can you expect one type of lighting to be suitable for every activity? Research shows that a mixture of ambient lighting and natural lighting can enhance the functionality of a room, but also create an inviting and welcoming atmosphere that puts people in a better mood.

Find out how simple lighting adjustments can create an inviting space that will allow you to unwind and enjoy some quality time with your family.

A Multi-Functional Bathroom for Everyone

What do you get when you have one bathroom and more than one person trying to get ready in the morning? A recipe for disaster. Starting your day off irritated and late for work or school does not exactly put you in the best mood to go out and face the world. But if you only have one bathroom to split between everyone, it’s not necessarily the end of the world. We understand that there are some situations where someone needs their privacy. But if only one person can stand in front of the sink at one time to brush their teeth, put on their makeup, wash their face, or adjust their tie, then there’s a problem.

Fortunately, Cuisines Nuenza has simple solutions to many of your morning complaints. Adding just a little bit of space to your bathroom will allow more than one person to use it at the same time. For instance, a his-and-her sink will make your mornings go by much smoother. He can brush his teeth while she can curl her hair and neither will get in each other’s way. How important is it to have a harmonious morning ritual? Instead of waking up five days a week ready to fight over space in the bathroom and rush out the door, imagine how much stress you will eliminate by creating space, functionality, and harmony into your bathroom.

At Cuisines Nuenza, we update interior spaces to create ergonomic and peaceful settings. Our designs foster a healthy lifestyle including organization, relaxation, beauty, and functionality. Contact us today to discuss your renovation needs, or click here to request a free consultation.