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Cuisines Nuenza Celebrates - Nuenza

Cuisines Nuenza, one of Montreal’s leading custom kitchen design specialists, would like to thank all our guests for coming to our kitchen showroom recently for a wine tasting event to celebrate the launch of our new website.

We featured 15 different private import wines from various regions of the world. The amuse-bouches were beautifully created by Pastaga, a fantastic local restaurant on St-Laurent Street, in our Mile–Ex neighborhood. The food and wine were presented throughout the showroom on various kitchen displays; we wanted to not only stimulate our guests’ palette, but also inspire their ideas for a dream kitchen through various options and styles of kitchens in our showroom.

Our new Website features an overview of the various styles of kitchens that are available today. For additional inspiration, visit our Project Gallery or view the latest accessories available on the market today. We help our customers in making concrete decision about their kitchen and bathroom creation or renovation decisions.

As the evening wound down, everybody was given their choice of an herb plant to bring home and plant in the garden. We would love to hear how your herbs are doing. Cuisines Nuenza is on Facebook, so send your photos of your herbs in your garden or a dish that you served featuring your herbs.

Our kitchen showroom is open to the public. We invite you to visit us at Cuisines Nuenza in the near future and we can help you plan your new dream kitchen.

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